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-Since this is our story, we'll call this one:
Chapter Forty Nine:  Full Bloom

The 3rd Annual

In celebration of our six-year anniversary we are once again turning the creation of our newest sandwich over to you.
From now until May 1st we are accepting ideas for a new sandwich.  It can be something you created, your version of something you saw on tv or had in some other city you've travelled to.  We believe that good food is a shared experience, so we want you to share your experience with us. And, in turn we will create something to share with our wonderful town.

You can e-mail ideas (darwinonclinton@yahoo.com),
 Fax them (315-373-0484),
 or write them down and submit at the counter.

If your idea is chosen we will bring it to life on our board as part of the anniversary menu, and to show our gratitude for your chapter in our history, we will treat you to
*Dinner for two at RILEY'S
*A night of drinks & Syracuse's Best Wings at our favorite bar, SHIFTY's
*A Week of free lunches at Darwin

As you create your submissions please keep in mind that the idea must:
*Be able to mass produce (The winning selection sells an average of "75-100" per shift during it's rotation).
*Has to travel well (No knives & forks).  You have to be able to eat it in your car.
*Has to hold well (for up to 20 minutes in a steam table)  (No soft cheeses, sauces that "break," etc.)

And, that's it.  If past winners are any indication (PJ's Optimus Prime, CR's Poblano Picasso, MR's Eddie Muenster, KK's Kissin' Kousin, JL's Seoul Sister), we should have another tasty, amazing winner from this years batch.

I can not wait to see (taste) what you come up with this year.  Looking forward to those submission.

(Click image to watch our video)

-XoXo D & D

Thanx for being the world's best customers.
Thanx for making me love what I do...


Make sure to sign up for our weekly E-mail/Fax List when you are in the shop.
And, stay tuned as we continue to bring classic
dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse.
And, as always... we look forward to seeing you at the counter...

"Bringing classic dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse!"

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