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-Since this is our story, we'll call this one:
Chapter EIGHTEEN: The House That "D" Built

 The  2017 


*A Week's Worth of Darwin Lunches
(As well a special place in a special part of our story)
*Dinner for TWO to Riley's
*A Night of Drinks at our new favorite bar NOW & LATER

 We are looking for a NEW sandwich creation.  There are hundreds of great ideas out there, but not all of them can fit into our business model.  So, when creating these ideas keep in mind the following 4 things:
    1.  It was to be "different," (something outside the box).  If you can get this sandwich anywhere else locally, chances are it's not going to make the BSE finals.  eg-A traditional Reuben (corned beef, Swiss & kraut) isn't going to cut it, but if you were to replace the kraut with sautéed cabbage, maybe a roasted beef instead with a Havarti cheese and a spicy dilled Russian.  Think "twist" on the traditional and you'll be on the right track.
    2.  We have to be able to "mass produce" it.  The winning selection will sell close to 150 a day.  We have to be able to crank it out.  So, anything that takes a lot of time to fashion or produce (anything that has to "set" or "cured") during service will usually knock a great idea off the list.
    3.  It has to hold for at least 20 minutes.  So, no delicate sauces or cheeses that will "break" before they can be enjoyed.
    4.  And, most importantly it has to travel well.  Even though we have the tables now, most people will still be grabbing it to go.  So, no forks & knives.  You should be able to eat it in your car.  Messy food can be good food, but we don't want people to be wearing it.
    And, that's it.  Ideas can be submitted by email (darwinonclinton@yahoo.com) with the tag "BEST SANDWICH EVER!"  We will also takes submission at the counter (they must be written down and include your contact info).  Or, you can get old school and fax it to us (315) 373-0618 (and again, don't forget to include your contact info).  You have until FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, so we've got a couple weeks to fine tune those ideas and get them submitted.  The winner will be chosen in early September with the winner taking it's place on a FAVORITES menu this fall.  I can't wait to see what you guys come up with this year.  ;)
    In the meantime, a round of favorites are attached.  As always, we hope to see you at the counter soon.  -D & D

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-XoXo D & D

Thanx for being the world's best customers.
Thanx for making me love what I do...


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dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse.
And, as always... we look forward to seeing you at the counter...

"Bringing classic dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse!"

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