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Evolving Menu

D's Uncle Henry ($10)
 Thin slices of roast beef topped with roasted red peppers and fresh mozz.  Served on Pasta's stretch loaf with fresh baby spinach and our scallion mayo.

Son of a PREACHERMAN ($10)
The club: remixed.  Our fresh-from-the-oven turkey breast carved into hearty pieces and stacked on DiLauro's sesame French loaf with country-fried bacon, parmesan roasted tomato, fresh baby spinach and a combo of sweet chili sauce and mayo.

 D's Hot CHICK! ($9)
   Chicken breast dipped in our hot wing sauce and served on Pasta's stretch loaf with a blue cheese cream cheese spread, lettuce, frizzled onions and celery.

The Copa CUBANO ($9.5)
Virginia-baked ham and seasoned, shredded pork topped with a melted Swiss cheese.  Served on DiLauro's sesame French loaf with dill pickle chips and a hit of our Dijon mayo.

The Black Pearl ($10)

 Southern-fried oysters piled in a fresh hoagie with dill pickles, lettuce, tomato and a Cajun remoulade.
(Sold OUT!)
  (Fresh In on TUESDAY)

 "I YAM, What I YAM!" ($9)
Seasoned, roasted yams folded into a whole wheat tortilla with caramelized onions, julienned carrots, roasted red peppers, fresh baby spinach and our chipotle cheddar cheese sauce.

The Bump-N-Grnider ($8)
Layers of Italian meats & cheese (salami, capicola, mortadella & provolone) on DiLauro's sesame loaf with lettuce, tomato, red onions and a zesty Italian dressing.

Davey's Chicken-N-Biscuits ($8)
A hearty chicken stew served over Southern-style fresh baked biscuits.  This cold weather staple is back for the season.

Our delectable assortment of tasty bisques & soups make for the perfect lunch.  Any of our broths and stews pair perfectly with a fresh DiLauro's rolls for a light meal, or with one of our garden-fresh salads of the day for the healthier appetite.

    *Please Call for Today's Selection
Today's SALAD-
(Add Chicken or Turkey for $2)

The Meditterranean (7)
Roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans & black olives (All mixed) served over a bed of fresh field greens with feta cheese and a side of our creamy balsamic dressing.

  BUFFALO MAC ($3 as a side)
*Blue Cheese Potato Salad ($3 as a side)
*Cranberry Cole Slaw ($1.5)

Lisa's Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oat. Choc. Chip) $2

day through Friday 10:30am to 2:30 (ish) pm
211 North Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 373-0484

FAX # (315) 373-0618

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